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PortCompass is no longer selling excursion products. We've left this page in place as a reminder of the great ten years during which we were a pioneer in online access to worldwide excursions.

PortCompass is your one-stop consolidator SUPERSTORE for discounted shore excursions worldwide. We specialize in providing cruiseship passengers with sightseeing tours, port transfers and extended pre-cruise and post-cruise trips.

Whether you are cruising to South America, the Mediterranean, Baltics, Scandinavia, Alaska, Mexico, South Pacific, Polynesia, or the Caribbean, make PortCompass your first port-of-call. Count on PortCompass to help you navigate exotic ports with expert guides, private tours, custom itineraries, small groups and great deals.

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Making watertight plans...

With just a handful of hours at each cruise ship port, cruise passengers need watertight plans prior to arrival, so as not to squander precious time at port. To avoid battling local transportation and language barriers at these ports, professionally organized and expertly guided shore excursions are often the only way to see all the tourist sights effectively and efficiently.

This is especially true of ports that are located over an hour or two away from major attractions, such as Livorno (Florence), Civitavecchia (Rome), Villefranche (Nice / Monaco / Cannes), Naples (Amalfi Coast / Pompeii), Warnemunde (Berlin), Puerto Madryn (Punta Tombo) and Valparaiso (Santiago).

Getting a great cruise bargain is only the beginning...

As you have probably discovered, shore excursions can add significantly to the cost of a cruise vacation. Although cruising is a great "all-inclusive" vacation value, it does not include the sightseeing tours at each port. In the past, cruiseship passengers have had little choice but to purchase the overpriced excursions offered by the cruise lines. There is, however, a company that has changed all that.

Why Port Compass is making waves in the travel industry...

At Port Compass, our mission is to provide an alternative to the cruise ship's tours, thereby filling a much-needed void in the cruising industry. Our exclusive excursions are synchronized to your cruise ship's schedule for peace of mind. Better yet, our shore tours often feature more variety, are usually more intimate and are generally priced below the cruise line's offerings. We even offer adventure tours and trips that are off-the-beaten-path.

Unlike independent tour operators and travel agencies that serve assorted travelers and tourists, Port Compass is US-based company dedicated solely to serving the highly specialized needs of global cruise passengers. Although non-cruise passengers can take advantage of our tours, our shore trip itineraries are designed specifically to meet the time constraints and discerning interests of cruise passengers. This distinction is what makes us unique in the travel industry.

PortCompass is known for its absolute commitment to customer service. But don't just take our word for it. To read a sampling of reviews from our many satisfied customers, we invite you to click on our Testimonials / Reviews link.

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